Backlash by Brad Thor download ebook pdf

Backlash by Brad Thor download ebook

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“Raw emotion, nonstop action, and relentless pacing makes Backlash another one-night read from Brad Thor, who delivers the book to beat in 2019.” —The Real Book Spy

#1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and #1 Publishers Weekly bestselling author Brad Thor is back with his most gripping thriller yet!

Backlash by Brad Thor download ebook pdf

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Backlash by Brad Thor details:

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  • Print Length: 385 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1982104031
  • Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestler Books (June 25, 2019)
  • Publication Date: June 25, 2019
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  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07L36F3WS

eBook summary Backlash by Brad Thor

In ancient texts, there are stories about men who struck from the shadows, seemingly beyond the reach of death itself. These men were considered part angel, part demon. Their loyalty was to their families, their friends, and their kings. You crossed these men at your peril. And once crossed, there was no crossing back.

They were fearless; men of honor who have been known throughout history by different names: Spartan, Viking, Samurai.

Today, men like these still strike from the shadows. They are highly prized intelligence agents, military operatives, and assassins.

One man is all three.

Two days ago, that man was crossed—badly.

Now, far from home and surrounded by his enemy, Scot Harvath must battle his way out.

With no support, no cavalry coming, and no one even aware of where he is, it will take everything he has ever learned to survive.

But survival isn’t enough. Harvath wants revenge.

In the most explosive novel Brad Thor has ever written, page after captivating page of action, intrigue, loyalty, and betrayal will keep you hooked until the very last sentence.

Hip-deep into the Scot Harvath series, Brad Thor continues to deliver poignant novels that pull the reader into the middle of the political and espionage-driven world of today. When local authorities are called to a rural community in New Hampshire, they discover four bodies, carelessly slain. The names raise a red flag in the Intelligence community, beginning calls high up the chain of command. With ties to all those slain, one name being suggested as a potential shooter is Scot Harvath, but could he really have killed these people? It turns out not, as Harvath is aboard a covert plane somewhere in Russia, chained to a seat by mercenaries who have no worries about treating their prisoner poorly. When the plane goes down, Harvath is the only survivor, but perhaps not for long. He is in the middle of the Russian wilderness during the height of winter, with only the howling of the wind and wolves to keep him company. If he wants to stay alive, he will have to use all his training to find safety. In Moscow, the news of the crash raises the ire of senior officials, who had hoped for a smooth ‘snatch and grab’ of the Intelligence operative. Now, they will have to locate the wreckage and capture Harvath again. In Washington, those close to Harvath cannot believe that he would be responsible, but know that he was in New Hampshire. They discover that he may have been covertly removed from the country and begin their own mission to extricate him, while not tipping the balance of international diplomacy. Russia has all but declared war on America with such an act, but that is for the politicians to iron out. While working on a plan to get to safety, Harvath will have to survive and stay off the proverbial radar. When he comes to a small community near the Finnish border, he does all he can to stay alive and one step ahead of his captors. The race is on to find Harvath and to the winner comes the spoils. With an international disaster looming below the surface, the new Cold War could be close. Thor delivers again with a stellar novel that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat and Harvath donning a few more scars. Recommended for fans of the series as well as the reader who loves thrillers of an espionage and political flavour.

I have loved most every one of the Harvath thrillers that Thor has penned, finding myself in the middle of their action and political fallout. Thor is able to capture the essence of the story and add his own political flavouring, which keeps the reader wondering if this could actually happen in today’s world. Harvath has lasted for eighteen previous novels, so his scars are plentiful and his stubbornness on point. The reader can sense something else fuelling him in this piece, that being the loss of (another) loved one to those who would see him destroyed. While somewhat reflective on all that he has done in life, there is also a strong sense that Harvath needs to bring about revenge for the loss of a loved one. Thor adds some other interesting information tied to the gathering in New Hampshire, which the reader can discover as they make their way through the narrative. Packed with many returning characters, Thor entertains with some of the unique individuals who appear in many of the nineteen books this series have been published. These characters work well together and blend effectively to create a strong narrative and exciting story. Speaking of the story, it remains strong and kept moving in a forward direction, offering interesting perspectives for those who enjoy espionage with a political angle. Thor has been able to keep his stories strong and uses the current political and social situation to fuel the narrative, rather than relying on past—read: Islamic terror—themes that have long since been flogged to death. While I know the aches and pains must be getting quite troublesome, I wonder if there is another novel or two left in Scot Harvath, or ideas that Thor still wants to tackle.

Kudos, Mr. Thor, for a wonderful addition to the series. I cannot wait to see what else you have for us and hope your fans enjoy this piece as much as I did.

Everything he’s ever done has led him to this moment.

By now, readers know his story. Former Navy SEAL Scot Harvath cut his teeth with SEAL Team Two, the cold weather specialists, before joining the Navy’s storied SEAL Team Six, where he eventually assisted on a maritime presidential detail—catching the eye of the Secret Service.

After Harvath had spent a brief amount of time with the Secret Service, the president, in an effort to hit back at the terrorists who pledged jihad against America, made Harvath the leader of a top-secret program called the Apex Project—where he was tasked with two things: Do whatever it takes to protect his country, and no matter what, never get caught.

From there, Harvath’s career as an apex predator continued, this time under the guidance of Reed Carlton, a legendary spymaster whose career in espionage stretches back nearly forty years. Under Carlton’s tutelage, Harvath thrived as a counterterrorism operative, bravely standing on the front lines against the war on terror and selflessly sacrificing everything to defend his fellow countrymen, which he’s done time and time again over the course of seventeen action-packed novels.

Bottom line: if Scot Harvath came with a warning label, it would caution against hurting his country, his brothers-in-arms, or his loved ones.

Now, coming off one of the most crucial operations of his storied career, someone’s come after Scot in a way few have ever dared. Cut off from any and all support, Harvath suddenly finds himself alone behind enemy lines, the lone survivor of a devastating plane crash. Armed with two decades of experience and little else, Scot must find a way to battle through the frigid, sub-zero temperatures and fight his way through a gauntlet of bad guys if he . . .

After a major traumatic event, Scot finds himself in the Arctic Circle with Russian mercenaries after him. Initially, they want him alive for all of the information he can provide, but when U.S. pressure, led by a rescue specialist and the Troll (Nicholas) is ramped up, the mercenaries’ mission parameters are dead or alive. Scot’s training as a Navy SEAL kicks in, especially his SERE skills (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape.) Not only does he need to stay one step ahead of two-legged soldiers, but there are four legged predators after him as well. After yet another near brush with death, he stumbles first into a cabin belonging to a Sami woodman/trapper, who is beyond help, and eventually into his daughter’s medical clinic in a Sami village. Great action, and Scot is driven by rage to take vengeance on the perps responsible for the trauma. Frankly, the vengeance was too rushed, and would have made a great sequel. 4.5 stars.

5/5 STARS*****
WOWZA!!!! That was an amazing book! I wasn’t sure Brad Thor could top himself after Spymaster and that cliff-hanger ending, but he did with a vengeance! It’s really hard to talk about this book without giving anything away. It’s definitely different from other books in the series. I will just say that this is Brad’s “Exceeds Expectations” performance review! (those who have seen him in person know what I’m talking about 😉 ) If you haven’t read Spymaster, read that first and have this one waiting to start immediately! You will not be disappointed.

Overkill in every sense. This is high war casualty fare. Brutal.

So here is the reaction I promised last week after I finished. I was away from tech and a decent keyboard.

Know that I have not read Scott Harvath before. So starting at #19 is absolutely hubris. Yet, I was glad I did. Because I didn’t hold the killing off of long appearing characters against him. And took the read for what it was in this form and length of book alone.

It’s a difficult read for the killing/ overkill factor. But beyond that constant and continual violence is the logistics and nomenclature of this part of the world. Arctic Circle Russia trying to get into Finland.

It’s basically a survival tale. I take 20 down, you take 6 down. Almost like the Lone Survivor movie in another place and life cycle.

Thor can write minutia and technical description. Immensely well.

If you have appreciation for Cold War and high state treachery on a hundred plus body count scale- this one will fill your bill. It’s all about the evil Russia of the present. As if China or North Korea are minor players without the same tactics and “usual” lethal “comrade” practices to their own.

But honestly, I don’t suggest this book for anyone who is in any manner thin skinned. No one will ever hold hands and just “get along” or ever sing any interpretation (in any generation) of Kumbaya in this tale. And “friends” may also be expendable.

Like many GR friends, I lost interest in the adventures of Scott Harvath a few books ago due mostly to Middle East terrorist fatigue. The good news here is “Backlash” takes Harvath in another direction reminiscent of Louis L’Amor’s iconic non-Western “The Last of a Breed”. Both concern Homeric escapes from Russia while aggressively pursued by superior forces. The difference is Harvath’s odyssey is justifiably fueled by revenge for what the Russians had so viciously taken from him. He becomes relentless in his resolve to survive, escape and exact that revenge. This is a well written, fast moving adventure that might be Brad Thor’s best book in this extraordinarily good series.

About author Brad Thor



Brad Thor is the #1 New York Timesbestselling author of nineteen thrillers, including: Spymaster (“One of the all-time best thriller novels” – The Washington Times), The Last Patriot (nominated best thriller of the year by the International Thriller Writers Association), Blowback(One of the “Top 100 Killer Thrillers of All Time” – NPR), Foreign Influence (One of Suspense Magazine’s best political thrillers of the year), and The Lions of Lucerne (“One of the best political thrillers ever” – Barnes & Noble).


Brad has hosted the Glenn Beck TV and radio programs, and has appeared on FOX News Channel, CNN, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS to discuss terrorism, as well as how closely his novels of international intrigue parallel the real threats facing the world today.


Brad has served as a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Analytic Red Cell Unit, and has lectured to law enforcement organizations on over-the-horizon/future threats. He has been a keynote speaker for the National Tactical Officers Association annual conference, the Young America’s Foundation, and the Ronald Reagan 100 celebration. A supporter of The Heritage Foundation, Brad has spoken at their national headquarters on the need for robust missile defense.

In 2008, Brad shadowed a Black Ops team in Afghanistan to research his thriller, The Apostle.

Brad graduated cum laude from the University of Southern California where he studied creative writing, film, and television production. Prior to becoming a novelist, Brad was the award-winning creator, producer, writer and host of the critically acclaimed national public television series, Traveling Lite.

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