eBook Labyrinth by Catherine Coulter download

eBook Labyrinth by Catherine Coulter download

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The #1 New York Times bestselling FBI Thriller series returns with another tour de force in which agents Savich and Sherlock stumble into a bizarre case that’s more complicated and twisted than any they’ve ever encountered. 

eBook Labyrinth by Catherine Coulter download

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eBook summary Labyrinth by Catherine Coulter

On a dark night, Agent Sherlock is driving along circuitous mountain roads in West Virginia when her car is suddenly T-boned at an intersection. As her car spins out of control, a man’s body slams against her windshield and then—blackness. When she finally comes to, Sherlock has no memory of the accident, nor of the moments that led right up to it. But what she does know is that the man she hit is a local CIA analyst…and now he’s missing.

Meanwhile, in the small town of Gaffer’s Ridge, Virginia, Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith has just rescued a kidnapped woman who claims her captor admitted to the murder of three teenage girls. However, the man she accuses is related to the local sheriff and a member of a very powerful family. Special Agent Hammersmith reaches out to Sherlock for help, and they soon realize that the disappearance of the CIA analyst is actually connected to the string of murders. But how?

Praise for Catherine Coulter’s FBI Thrillers

“The 23rd installment in Catherine Coulter’s FBI Thriller series comes out this summer, and you’re going to want to grab a copy.” (Bustle)

“Catherine Coulter is one of the bonafide rockstars of the thriller genre, and her last book, Paradox, was as good as anything she’s written. Labyrinth promises to be another ‘white-knuckled’ thriller, which means Coulter’s fans better get their pre-ordering on nice and early.” (The Real Book Spy)

“Pulse-pounding…Coulter fans will have a tough time putting this one down.” (Publishers Weekly)

“Compelling characters, a timely plot, and international intrigue conspire to keep pages turning.” (Criminal Element)

“If there’s one thing that readers can count on in a Coulter novel it is that she always delivers amazingly eerie and complex thrillers.” (RT Book Reviews)

“Action is nonstop … Perfect reading for the beach and beyond.” (Booklist)

“Bestseller Coulter is at the top of her game in her 21st FBI thriller featuring married agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock (after 2016’s Insidious).” (Publishers Weekly)

When you peek at an ARC and see: “The #1 New York Times bestselling FBI Thriller series returns with another tour de force in which agents Savich and Sherlock stumble into a bizarre case that’s more complicated and twisted than any they’ve ever encountered.” Well, you throw your TBR out the window!

If you love FBI Agent Lacey Sherlock as much as I have come to, no doubt you will feel emotional when you read of Sherlock’s car accident and the bevy of emotions that her husband, fellow agent and boss, Dillon Savich, experienced. What a way to open a book!

While Dillon helps Sherlock to recover, as she has suffered a memory loss, Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith has just rescued a woman who says she escaped a brutal kidnapper who admitted to killing several other women. When Griffin appeals to Dillon for help, he and Sherlock head to Virginia. Dillon feels this is the only way for Sherlock to heal, and that is to be with him. This proves invaluable, because Sherlock’s instincts are spot on and Dillon feels that working might help her to heal.

The case involves a missing CIA analyst. What is more is that what draws Griffin to the situation is that he hears screams for help. He cannot explain it, but he is lead to the home of a female reporter and he manages to save her life. This story, like one or two of the others in the series, lends to Dillan and Griffin experiencing a bit of psychic talent. While this is a part of the story that I did not expect, as it is not a tenet of the series, it did not take away from solving the mysterious case.

All the while, readers got to see the team working together flawlessly, as well as witnessing the growing love between Dillon and Sherlock. While reading of her losing most of her memory was painful, it was inspiring to watch her begin to heal. This fast-moving story had me riveted from the arresting introduction to the shocking conclusion.

Many thanks to Gallery Books and NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher in exchange for an fair and honest review.

As a redhead, I just love Lacey Sherlock and I’ve loved her since she took down the big, bad FBI guy, Dillon Savich, in The Maze. She is everything I love in a heroine, smart, badass, beautiful and a redhead! As I’ve read every FBI Thriller Series book, it has made me feel forever young as Sherlock and I are about the same age, except she’s a perpetual thirtysomething instead of a fiftysomething. Oh, to be forever young like Lacey Sherlock and Stephanie Plum! The plot is two pronged and you wonder from the beginning if the two plot lines are going to merge. I’ll just leave that little mystery for you to solve on your own. Watching Savach care for Sherlock and strive not to crowd her is always a wonderful thing. His love for her is total and complete and he will do anything he has to in order to protect her. May their romance endure forever. Alas, this is no romantic-suspense, only a great mystery-thriller-suspense, no romance to be found.

Now for the plot recap: Sherlock is just driving along in Washington, D.C. and she gets T-boned, leaving her with contusions, a concussion and memory loss. The last thing she remembers is hitting a man while spinning wildly out of control. The man is injured, but manages to disappear. They ID him through his DNA and turns out he’s a CIA analyst. Who was he running from and why?

Meanwhile, down in Gaffer’s Ridge, Virginia, FBI Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith is minding his own business taking a much needed vacation after breaking up with his fiancée and solving a very difficult case when he gets a psychic shout out for help. Dr. Carson DeSilva is being held and threatened when she connects with Griffin and he literally kicks the gun out of the hand of Rafer Bodine. She follows up with a pipe to his head for good measure. When the dust settles, Griffin and Carson are in jail for the assault on Rafer. Seems the Bodine family just about owns the quaint town of Gaffer’s Ridge, especially the law.

This starts off with quite a bit of action, plenty of mystery and then a twist with Sherlock that had me instantly drawn into this book. I loved the initial scenes with Dillon and her as well as the problem they are facing, primarily Sherlock. And I settled down for a thrilling thriller.

Suddenly, the scene changes and we are with Griffin and Carson. These two share a common gift that leads them into quite a mystery as well as some paranormal kind of activity. While the writing became stilted at this point, I was invested enough to ignore it.

Unfortunately, I had to wade through a lot of characters who had nothing to do with the story, as well as unnecessary information and repetition. Everything began to lag. I set it aside hoping I’d feel it more the next time I picked it up. Nope. Didn’t happen. I began to skim. I skimmed some more. I eventually managed to dig out the nuggets of the story and enjoyed it despite the work I had to put in to do so.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I read Enigma by this same author and absolutely loved everything about it. I was expecting the same type of writing as well as a wicked twisty plot. There are definitely some twists, but I was exhausted by the time I reached them.

I understand that this author is a fan favorite and I’m hundred percent sure my response to this book is entirely a “me” thing. I’m sure her diehard fans are going to love this one. I’m just sorry to say it didn’t work for me.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and Galley Books. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This is a thriller rather than romance although there is just a tad
Multi POV

This is the 23rd book in the Agents Sherlock and Savich FBI thriller series.

It has been a long time since I have read a S/S FBI book. I have to say that this book re-hooked me into the series. I am so impressed this series has lasted the test of time. I remember when book one: THE COVE came out. Wow, what a journey this has been for the author!

Basic premises: Sherlock is involved in a pretty nasty car accident which wipes her memory. As her car spins and she is out of control of the wheel, the vehicle hits a man who is running from two people. He is a CIA analyst and the accident messes him up pretty good. But he runs off and escapes his captors.

In the meantime while Sherlock is in the hospital, Savich receives a call from Agent Hammersmith who had rescued a journalist Carson DeSilva from being held captive by a mad man. Strangely enough the sheriff thinks her accusation is ridiculous and refuses to bring in the mad man who is strangely enough his nephew. No charges are filed and instead the sheriff puts Hammersmith and DeSilva in jail and all the evidence of Carson’s capture have disappeared. Carson has a psychic gift as does Hammersmith and Savich. Carson overhears the sheriff’s nephew as he is thinking about the three missing girls in the area. This psychic gift comes in more prominently later in the book.

There is a lot going on in this story. Sherlock has amnesia and there is a great dynamic between her and Savich as she not only learns to trust him again but get back her memories in little flashes. Savich and Sherlock assist Hammersmith and there is a great scene where the FBI area chief come in with a bunch of agents in tow all wearing battle gear and storming the sheriff’s office in Gaffer’s Ridge. Classic!

The book is segmented in two over-arching storylines: The kidnappings from Gaffer’s Ridge with Hammersmith and DeSilva and the story featuring the CIA analyst and Sherlock’s car accident. It definitely keeps you guessing and entertained until the end.

Highly recommended.

I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.

I don’t usually allow myself to take an ARC when I haven’t read the rest of the series. I figure that I wouldn’t know enough about the background of the characters, but I allowed myself to indulge this time because the synopsis made the book sound so exciting and so many of her other books got such kudos. Plus it is such a long-running series that I figured it must be excellent.

Yes, this was an interesting book for being half FBI thriller and half speculative fiction. I must wonder if Ms. Coulter writes all of her books with two distinct and separate stories/plot-lines and if they are always featuring the paranormal?

Unfortunately what kept this book from getting more stars is the fact that two different stories were going on at the same time and I was unable to work up enough emotion and to keep the passion I did manage to get to continue throughout the novel.

The next problem I had was parts of the ending just seemed like excessive usage of monologues on the roles of some of the characters. The speeches were more of a ‘verbal vomiting’ of everyone’s guilt and a very cliched end to one of the main characters.

Although I wasn’t thrilled with this particular book -I did like it well enough to look into the rest of the series.

*ARC supplied by the publisher.

A missing friend leads Agents Drummond & Caine to a woman looking to change the world and the Holy Grail. While on vacation in Europe will the Brit in the FBI and his partner be able to save a the world one more time when a former astronaut has plans for everyone’s future. Join the very special FBI agents and their team on a world wide trek to save everyone.

Agent Nicholas Drummond and his partner and lover Michaela “Mike” Caine are on vacation in Europe visiting family and friends and hanging out recovering from their last case. When a recently visited friend on a mission for the security company he works for goes missing along with a playboy billionaire looking for the Holy Grail. It’s up to Nicholas and Mike to go on a rescue mission to find the whole missing super yacht before a typhoon can hit. They must contend with a former genius astronaut by the name of Neveah Patel, who believes that the Holy Grail and a nuclear & EMP bomb on a recently launched satellite is the answer to bringing her alien friends to Earth to help her achieve peace and immortality. She has the help of her head of security/lover Kiera Byrne. When Patel finds out her boss at the aerospace company Broussard has found the Holy Grail she goes with help of his lover to his yacht and steal it and then sinks the yacht, but there are survivors including the agents’ friend. Mike comes up with a way to find the survivors and they track them down only to be hit by a large wave of a fast approaching typhoon. The submarine that their friend is in comes to their rescue and they discuss the threat to the world. Broussard doesn’t believe that Patel and his dead lover are behind the stolen Holy Grail and the sunk yacht. Everyone is rescued and Mike, Nicholas, Grant and Broussard head for aerospace company to figure out what is going on. Only to be attacked by the terrorists they think are part of the satellite bomb. They escape and head to Patel’s house and find evidence of where her base of operation is and are attacked again. After they take out most of the terrorists their leader gives himself up and reveals his true identity. Broussard is injured and reveals the reason why he needs the Holy Grail. Mike assures him that they will get it back for him. They head to a local military base and Mike gets to fulfill a bucket list activity. They reach their destination in record time and begin the journey to Patel’s hideout. An accident has them going in on foot and then a landmine explodes and takes out some of the team. Nicholas and Mike must circumvent guards and the weather and a climb to surprise Patel. They are discovered when Byrne comes into the room. Mike must fight with Byrne. Mike and Nicholas split up to look for the control room. Nicholas reaches the control room and enters only to be surprised by Patel. He still tries to finish the mission. Patel leaves to await her alien friends arrival. Mike makes it to the control room and is told Nicholas is injured and finds a way in. With very short time before the bomb goes off during a lunar eclipse Mike makes a decision to stop the bomb. Pate’s friends don’t arrive so she returns to the control room and Mike takes care of her. Their back up arrives. Back home in New York Nicholas and Mike recount their adventures.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time while reading this book. It’s a suspenseful thrill ride of an adventure. Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison don’t disappoint. They keep you wondering if Dr. Patel’s alien friends are real or just her insane imagination. I’m still not sure. This is the sixth book in the Brit in the FBI series and I can’t wait for more. Drummond and Caine always seem to have the time of their lives. This time they weren’t even looking for a world saving event it just fell into their laps. Catherine and J.T. more of this dynamic duo, PLEASE!!


Labyrinth Catherine Coulter FBI #23 7-30-19
A wife’s near fatal car accident, an injured CIA analyst on the run, two women who will do anything to show they’re just as good as the men. An FBI agent in small town Virginia on vacation. The reporter in town to do a story on a noble prize winner. A connection that leads to the case of three missing teenagers and has the agent working the case. These are the cases that have Special Agent Dillon Savich and his agents working through a Labyrinth of clues.

Lacey Sherlock Savich aka Sherlock to her coworkers at the FBI in her husband Dillon Savich’s unique squad. She is running errands before heading home when she has a life threatening car accident. While the car spins out of control she hits a man. A concussion and amnesia are the results. Dillon wants to get find the man and when it’s discovered he’s a CIA analyst they begin looking for the man she hit. When they get the run around from the CIA it has them suspicious & frustrated. While searching for the missing CIA analyst takes Dillon, Sherlock and their boss to the CIA to talk to the analyst’s superiors. A coworker, of the woman who hit Sherlock and caused the accident, shows up murdered it heightens Dillon’s determination to find out what’s going on. Sherlock has no memory of their life together or their son. He sees flashes of the old Sherlock while their working but it doesn’t help her recover. Suspicious of the company workers involved with the accident and CIA connections they begin to uncover information. The case breaks wide open when homeless friends of one of the agents calls with information about the missing analyst. The squad along with the help of the CIA analyst and his immediate superior uncover the reason for Sherlock’s accident. They push to get information and then follow one of the women who’s behind wanting to sell a new type of security invasion device. The group of bad guys begin to doubt each other. One of Dillon’s agents is captured and held hostage until she’s rescued. Meanwhile, another of Dillon’s agents is on vacation visiting old college friends in a small town and comes across a woman in trouble and he rushes to the rescue. Agent Griffin Hammersmith and his victim Carson DeSilva are accused of being con artists and attacking the man that held Carson hostage. A family connection has them going to jail where a call to Dillon sends reinforcements. After Sherlock gets out of the hospital they head to take in the situation that Griffin has gotten himself in. Griffin is put in charge of the case where 3 teenage girls have gone missing recently from the surrounding area. With the help of Carson and to make sure she stays safe they work to prove that her kidnapper took the 3 girls. A visit to the kidnapper’s parent’s house has Sherlock being attacked. Dillon protects his wife. The town sheriff reluctantly helps Griffin. Clues are hard to come by in both cases because of the secrets and fear all around. Carson’s influential and powerful contacts are revealed. Griffin and Carson uncover the secrets of her kidnapper and who he’s afraid of. A visit to the family of one of the missing teenagers reveals there suspect was in the area a week before she went missing. A confrontation with the man’s mother has Griffin pushing back. A plan comes together to rescue the missing teenagers. A secret mission puts Carson and Griffin’s lives in danger. A confrontation results in insane behavior, murder, suicide, and a confession of a long ago murder. Griffin spends time in New York. A report is submitted to Dillon’s boss.

Catherine Coulter spins a suspenseful, intriguing, terrifying, story full of twists and turns leading you to wonder where it’s going. The continuation of her FBI characters and series shows just how out there she can go. Unique, bad & good guys, special abilities, determination and love have you wondering who will come out the victor. Coulter seems to take some modern day criminal activities and puts her own scary unique spin on it all. She literally has you going through a Labyrinth wondering how the story ends.

About author Catherine Coulter

Catherine Coulter is the author of over 84 novels, including 79 New York Times bestsellers, occasionally, after exhaustive prayers, hitting #1. She earned her reputation writing historical romances to pass the time while aboard the ark. She added suspense thrillers to her repertoire – with great success. The Cove, the first book in her bestselling “FBI Suspense Thriller Series” spent nine weeks on the New York Times list and has to date sold well over 3 million copies. Since then she’s written 23 more bestselling thrillers in the FBI series, including The Maze, The Target, The Edge, Riptide, Hemlock Bay, Eleventh Hour, Blindside, Blowout, Point Blank, Double Take, Tailspin, Knockout, Whiplash, Split Second, Backfire, Bombshell, Power Play, Nemesis, Insidious, Enigma, and Paradox. Her 23rd FBI thriller LABYRINTH is set to be released July 30th, 2019, in all formats. Coulter also has another suspense thriller series – A Brit in the FBI – co-written with bestselling author JT Ellison. The 6th book in this action-packed series, The Last Second, came out in March 2019.

For Coulter’s first novel, The Autumn Countess, she chose a Regency setting for her debut because, says Coulter, “as any published author will tell you, it’s best to limit the unknowns in a first book, and not only had I grown up reading Georgette Heyer, whom I worship, but I earned my M.A. degree in early 19th century European History and could fight in Napoleon’s army, or join the Allies and beat his butt with Wellington.”

Following The Autumn Countess, Coulter wrote six more Regency romances. She then turned to long historicals and eventually interspersed them with contemporary suspense novels, beginning with False Pretenses in 1988, her very first hardcover.

Coulter grew up on a horse ranch in Texas, and graduated from the University of Texas, receiving her graduate degree from Boston College. She became a speechwriter on Wall Street, then, to her joy, she was able to quit her day job and become a full-time writer.

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