eBook The man who sold america by Joy-Ann Reid download

eBook The man who sold america by Joy-Ann Reid download

08/18/2019   |   by admin

The New York Times best seller

MSNBC’S Joy-Ann Reid calculates the true price of the Trump presidency

“The host of AM Joy on MSNBC argues that President Trump’s administration is characterized by grift and venality that demeans the office and diminishes America.” (New York Times Book Review, New & Notable)

eBook The man who sold america by Joy-Ann Reid download

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eBook summary The man who sold america by Joy-Ann Reid

Is Donald Trump running the “longest con” in U.S. history?

What will be left of America when he leaves office?

Candidate Trump sold Americans a vision that was seemingly at odds with their country’s founding principles. Now in office, he’s put up a “for sale” sign—on the prestige of the presidency, on America’s global stature, and on our national identity. At what cost have these deals come? The Man Who Sold Americadelivers an urgent accounting of our national crisis from one of our foremost political commentators.

Three years ago, Donald Trump pitched millions of voters on the idea that their country was broken, and that the rest of the world was playing us “for suckers.” All we needed to fix this was Donald Trump, who rebranded prejudice as patriotism, presented diversity as our weakness, and promised that money really could make the world go ’round.

Trump made the sale to enough Americans in three key swing states to win the Electoral College. As president, Trump’s raft of self-dealing, scandal, and corruption has overwhelmed the national conversation. And with prosecutors bearing down on Trump and his family business, the web of criminality is circling closer to the Oval Office. All this while Trump seemingly makes his administration a pawn for the ultimate villain: an autocratic former KGB officer in Russia who found in the untutored and eager forty-fifth president the perfect “apprentice.”

How did we get here? What is the hidden impact of Trump, beyond the headlines? Joy-Ann Reid’s essential book examines why he succeeded, and whether America can undo the damage he has done. Through interviews with American and international thought leaders and in-depth analysis, Reid situates the Trump era within the context of modern history, examining the profound social changes that led us to this point.

A deeply pertinent analysis, The Man Who Sold America reveals the causes and consequences of the Trump presidency and contends with the future that awaits us.

I really like Joy-Ann Reid on MSNBC. She’s smart, interesting and fearless in her analysis of contemporary American politics. I can’t say that I learned much I didn’t know from The Man Who Sold America, but I really appreciated Reid’s perspective and how she pulled the last few years together. The audio version has the added bonus of her great voice.

Forget what you know about America. You have to go into this book understanding that nothing about what you’ve heard, read and experienced in America is what it seems.

In 2016, we saw what the power hungry Republicans wanted to produce for a long time; a wanna be autocrat, narcissist that never really wanted to be president in the first place, but is being used as a useful idiot for the Right’s wants. Trump merely tapped into a nerve that this country no longer belonged to white men. That seemed to resonate and sow seeds of the beginning of what is now known as the Trump era. Now faced with the consequences of the voters lull coming out of 8 years of Yes, We Can, Joy Reid explains why Trump happened in the first place and how we all should have seen it coming a long time ago.

It’s a well written, well researched wake up call to the American people about who we want to be as a country & who we actually are. I read this book as a blaring neon warning sign of what’s to come if we do not try and restore what our Constitution wanted for us in the first place. It definitely isn’t Donald J. Trump.

Joy Reid does what few other Trump critics have done: she provides a coherent and cogent argument about Trump’s racism and how it, more than anything, has motivated his base. Joy has her own show on MSNBC (although her show should air on prime time) and she is brilliant. She writes of Trump’s election and first two years in office, citing the many horrendous things he has done, but she also links his electoral college win to a long history of using racism to scare white voters into voting against their own interests. If you read no other book on Trump, read this one.

This did have some really fun and juicy parts, but at the same time I didn’t learn much that’s new. The latter part got clogged up with endless fact and figures about topics that didn’t seem to contribute to the narrative. Perhaps it was over my feeble brain skills, it I did skim a lot of that.

How did we get here or in the words and title of Hillary’s new book “What Happened”…
This is the question we all want to know and to the best of anyone’s knowledge how did a chameleon enter the highest office in the land?
What I can tell you is I happily divorced a malignant narcissist and I now council others so it’s not far fetched to learn that many who voted hoped for change.
They were living paycheck to paycheck, they wanted new ideas, they prayed for new legislature and a reduction in taxes. They needed jobs and commerce. They were concerned about crumbling infrastructure and climate change.
What they didn’t bargain on was they were being sold a ponzi scheme with the top 1% getting richer while the bottom half were fed scraps.
The MAGA was a cute catch phrase but in the end accomplished very little.
In fact I just finished Charles Hurt new work entitled, “Still Winning” and sadly I ask Are we still winning? By the way enter skeptics here.
I know the end result and it’s not pretty.
What I enjoyed here is it was backed up with research on America’s history and not just ‘opinion’ based as so many political books are today.
The favorite section noted, ” White people will probably be the minority in 2050 according to Census.”
Republican party is desperate to hold on to as much power as they can get.
After all this is the name of the game. Power and control.
So I hope you read this and not rate it based on your emotions but on the author’s skill in writing and presenting facts to the readers.

An enjoyable read covering many of the topics that are so offten seen in the national newspapers and television news programs. The book covers a variety of topics from how Trump was elected, the changing republican party, Trump as a showman and businessman, and how the media and the efforts of those in the executive branch of the government work to subvert truth in support of the President and a minority of the country. Many of the topics have full length books just on one of these topics. This book attempts to cover many of them in a short but well researched manner. The book ends with a view toward the future and a reflection on is the country still buying what Trump is selling.

I read this book in my continuing effort to understand the US 2016 election and the aftermath. Reid seeks to answer two questions in this book. How did Trump sell himself to America? Can we undo the damage that has been done?

Reid shows the serious nature of the challenge to our system of checks and balances. She helped me understand how the Republican party got to the point of embracing someone like Trump. The determination of politicians to be re-elected over doing what is best for the country is clearly shown.

The most surprising part of the book for me was clearing up the myth of our history. Puritan Jon Winthrop, who said the rest of the world should see America as “a city upon a hill,” himself traded in American Native slaves. (Loc. 1836/4986) He was the first to write laws codifying the enslavement and breeding of Africans. (Loc. 1838/4986)

I greatly appreciated the material in this book. It has helped me understand much better why Republicans are agreeing to Trump’s every wish. “Trump exposed weaknesses in American democracy that were never anticipated by the country’s founders.” (Loc. 409/4986) The next presidential election may indicate if the weaknesses will continue to be exploited or not.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.

4 1/2 stars. A very thought provoking book.
It is well written and eminently readable.
The story of America until recent events has been of “all men are created equal” and
“In order to form a more perfect union”. It has been “huddled masses yearning to breathe free”
The other side of America consisting of slavery, “Jim Crow”, and the anti-immigrant xenophobia of the Know Nothings of 1850s
are some of the reasons that continued striving for that “more perfect union” are needed.
The election of Donald Trump “ripped the bandaid” off the wounds hidden in this
Joy Ann Reid manages to present the facts and the history with balance.
Those who want to turn a blind eye or hold onto resentments probably would not like the book. Doubtful that they would read it.
I would hope that many would read it and open their minds.
This recaps Trump’s background and the actions taken in his administration. It is
not a blanket condemnation of Trump or his supporters. It presents the choice of which
American story will be told. I hope that the
striving for that “more perfect union” will be America’s story.

Joy-Ann Reid’s The Man Who Sold America examines the debacle of the Trump presidency from both a historical and sociological perspective. Seizing on the growing frustrations of a collapsing middle class, the “Trump Show,” as Reid refers to it, has exploited the divisions of racism, tribalism, hate, and violence to undermine the very fabric of American democracy. Meticulously researched and written in Joy’s inimitable, droll style, her book takes on MLK’s “fierce urgency of now,” exposing the Trump “bully” pulpit in all it’s racist ignominy as, in Faiz Shakir’s words, “the quiet part out loud.” But as Karine Jean-Pierre, MoveOn.org spokeswoman and MSNBC contributor, has noted, “Donald Trump in the White House has caused us to stand up and say no,” leading to unprecedented political engagement by a new wave of activists aspiring to political office. According to Reid, “In 2020, America will decide what story it wants to tell about itself, when the country chooses between keeping the Trump Show going or fundamentally changing the script.” 4.5 stars

Joy’s book is very informative and interesting. I knew that Obama had won two elections without winning the majority of the white votes and have been whipping my white Facebook friends and other white liberals whom I’ve met on social media with that information for years now. But I didn’t know how badly he lost the white vote in 2012 until I read the data that Joy provided. I also found the discussion of the media’s role in creating and promoting Trump and in politics before Trump intriguing. My one problem with the book (besides the fact that she’s a member of the media who has occasionally been biased in her coverage) is there are at least two chronology mistakes. Martin Luther King was born in 1929, so this year was the 90th, not the 100th, anniversary of his birth, and although I’m not sure what was happening with the stock market in 2007, I know that the economy crashed in the fall of 2008 because that’s when I relaxed. I knew Obama would win when the recession came. The editor should have fact checked those easily identifiable errors.

I’ve read just about all (way more than enough) books analyzing this period and events that led us here. Joy Ann Reid’s work is not the run of the mill rehashing of already well known events and issues. The author, like with her other media work, presents informative material for debate in a brilliantly intense and deep way …an excellent read…

About author Joy-Ann Reid

Joy-Ann Reid is a political analyst for MSNBC and host of “AM Joy,” which airs Saturdays and Sundays from 10 A.M. ET to noon ET. She is also the author of the book “Fracture: Barack Obama, the Clintons and the Racial Divide” (William Morrow/Harper Collins 2015), co-editor of “We Are The Change We Seek: The Speeches of Barack Obama” (Bloomsbury USA), and a columnist at The Daily Beast.

Reid was previously the host of “The Reid Report,” a daily program that offered Reid’s distinctive analysis and insight on the day’s news. Before that, Reid was the Managing Editor of theGrio.com, a daily online news and opinion platform devoted to delivering stories and perspectives that reflect and affect African-American audiences. Reid joined theGrio.com with experience as a freelance columnist for the Miami Herald and as editor of the political blog The Reid Report. She is a former talk radio producer and host for Radio One, and previously served as an online news editor for the NBC affiliate WTVJ in Miramar, FL.

During the 2004 presidential campaign, Reid served as the Florida deputy communications director for the 527 “America Coming Together” initiative, and was a press aide in the final stretch of President Barack Obama’s Florida campaign in 2008. Reid’s columns and articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Daily Beast, New York magazine, The Guardian, the Miami Herald, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, South Florida Times and Salon.com.

Reid graduated from Harvard University in 1991 with a concentration in film, and is a 2003 Knight Center for Specialized Journalism fellow. She currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband and family. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @JoyAnnReid and “like” her on Facebook at Joy Reid Official.

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